Medford Oktoberfest and Music Festival is now accepting applications to perform at the 2021 festival to be held on September 18 at Freedom Park in Medford, New Jersey. 


The 2021 festival will feature three stages for live music -- the main stage for established artists who want to perform original and cover music for a large audience, an acoustic stage in a gazebo setting, and an additional gazebo stage for original and cover rock music.  Since our inception, we have received far more applications than we were able to accept and we expect the same this year.  All artists are welcome to apply, but please be aware that this is an all-ages event and we will only accept artists whose material is appropriate for such an occasion.

Before you apply, please be aware that you will not receive payment.  It is not because we don't want to (we do), but because the budget does not allow it.  We use the available funds for professional sound crews and stages.  Because of this, our main stage and acoustic stage have historically featured artists looking to play their own original material for a sizable crowd. You will be able to sell merchandise all day and promote yourselves to the fullest.  We will also do our part to promote your music in the weeks and months heading into the festival.  


If you want to be considered, send your links to Mark at moberstaedt@archerlaw.com.  Good luck!