This year, Medford Oktoberfest will host the first two heats of the King's Road Brewing Company Seinholding Contest.  Bavarian steinholding is a traditional test of strength in which competitors properly hold a full one-liter bier stein out in front of their bodies with a straight arm, parallel to the ground, without spilling. The competition will utilize the official rules of the US Steinholding Association and, yes, that is really a thing.  In fact, it is so much a thing that King's Road Brewing Company has arranged for real officials from the USSA to be on hand and make sure we follow the rules!


The winners of both heats will win a King's Road Oktoberfest t-shirt and automatically advance to the King's Road Brewing Company Steinholding Finals on October 3 in Medford!  Heat 1 takes place at 2:25 and Heat 2 begins at 5:15 in front of the beer tent.

On site registration is required and will be done on a first-come, first-served basis.  Registration will take place at the band merchandise tent.  Registration for Heat 1 opens at noon, and registration for Heat 2 opens at 3:00.  $10 to participate and contestants get to keep the stein and the full liter of beer.  


Don't miss your chance to be crowned the greatest holder of a bier stein in all the land, or at least Medford (and maybe Medford Lakes).